Friday, August 9, 2013

The Best Thing in the World

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Just a few months after the world was introduced to a galaxy far, far, away and Elvis sang “Hound Dog” for the last time,

I heard your voice say, I do
and watched your dimples imply that being a husband was the
best thing in the world.

Three years later...

I heard your voice shout I have a son!”
and watched your strong arms hold him ever so gently and show that being a dad was the
best thing in the world.

Fast forward 25 years later and...

I heard your voice declare, I have a granddaughter!
and watched your blue eyes hint that she had already stolen your heart and that being a Papa was the
best thing in the world.

For many years I have heard and watched...

I heard your regrets over missing out on so many events while our children were young, while I watched you work so very hard and do anything necessary to make sure we always had what we needed...

I heard your complaints (and your laughter) about your brothers and their antics, and I watched your heart break when they were taken so soon...

I heard your frustrations voiced every day because of a body that just wouldn’t do what you wanted it to do, as I watched the effects of years of hard work and crippling arthritis take their toll..

I heard your cries of pain in the night and watched our snowy white little girl climb up and rest her paws on your chest and stare at your face until you said that you were okay.

For 36 years I have heard and watched.

And today, my love,

I hear

two hearts in rhythm

and I watch

a lifetime of love grow deeper and sweeter than mere words can describe.

You are the best thing in my world!


“Love never ends:
it wakes up every day determined to do it all over again.”

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

When Faith Needs a Face

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The letter was addressed:

“Dear Heavenly Father”

Dated October 11, 1978, my Grandmother’s handwriting on the faded page closed with:

“Your daughter and son
We are Your children” 

In that pre-blog era of putting actual pen to paper, she wrote heart words to her Lord and Saviour asking for blessings concerning selling her and Granddaddy’s house.

She knew the value of a
tangible testimony
of her faith in answered prayer…

The same envelope housed another such letter dated one year later that began:

“Dear Heavenly Father
We thank you Father for all Your blessings upon us

and ended with:

“Thank You Father for answering prayer.
We are Your children.


Did my Grandmother know when she wrote these letters that nearly 35 years later they would encourage and edify?

Did she know that her precious script would be seen across the globe and that a written prayer goes further than ink on paper by putting a face on faith for all to see?

And did she know that her Hallelujah would merge with mine and raise a right holy ruckus of praise?

Put a face on your faith

Write the letter

Break the bread

Hug the weary

Reassure the doubtful

Minister to the broken

and go serve

in whatever way God tells you

Because your faith needs a face, hands, and feet to glorify 

the One Whom you believe....

A faith that does not do things is a dead faith.
James 2:17 NLV

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