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Saturday, August 30, 2008

About Me....

I am like most women...

Everyday I wear the hats of:

and working girl...

I have the same hopes and dreams and responsibilities as most women...

To stand by my husband,
love and support him
and pray for God’s hand to guide him...

To love my family,
watch them grow,
enjoy time with them,
and pray for them always...

To love and honor my parents
and be there for them
when they need me,
because they are always there for me...

To perform my job to the best of my abilities
and remember to be thankful I even have a job
while so many are unemployed...

To support my church,
pray for its leaders and teachers,
and uphold my brothers and sisters in Christ...

To try and encourage and inspire my fellow bloggers
as we learn from each other and
share what God means to us and
what He has done for us...

And most importantly...

To serve my God in spirit and in truth,
to praise Him always,
and to let His love shine through me to everyone I meet...

I also have the same worries and fears as most women...

What if?
Why does?
Why can’t?
Why doesn’t?

But I try my best to remember God's promises and hold onto the assurance that...

God's been good to me.
Through every test and trial,
I've got the victory.

The enemy has tried his best
To make me turn around and bring me down.
But my God's never failed me yet so I'm gonna
stand my ground.

No matter what comes my way,
I'll lift my voice and say


My prayer is that each and everyone that visits my blog will take the phrase “Hallelujah Anyhow,” store it in their hearts, and proclaim it loudly...

Be blessed and Praise Him for it!

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