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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Boys will be boys....forever

I love my sons!

Like every mother, I enjoy the similarities between my children and delight in the differences. That’s what keeps life interesting, right?

I have learned that even though children grow up and away, so many things stay exactly the same. No matter what the age, brothers still tease...and brothers still fall for the same old tricks. Pair up a chronic teaser who delights in seeing a grown man cry and a habitual germ–aphobic who obsesses about getting sick, and the stage is set for a sure fire show down.



Mom...I need you to check something for me
right away!

What is it?

I just ate some peanuts and there is some kind
of recall on nuts and I need to know right now if I am going to be sick so
please check on this right now!

Ok...clicking of keyboard while nut
recall is googled...

All I can find is a recall for peanut butter in
the northern US...nothing about just nuts.

Are you sure?


I guess Corey was just joking about it

laughter in the


Now this is between two grown men who have just gotten off a plane for a business trip...no hello, how are you, the trip was fine...

Kids are fun(ny)...no matter the age!

3 thoughts:

Carrie said...

ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!! I had not heard this, you told it SO well!

andysbethy said...

Yeah - I think I can actually "hear" that in my head. I guess this is why Andy fits right in with your boys so well - he isn't quite "grown up" on some days either!

Sharon Lynne said...

I stopped by your blog today--as I found it through Christian Women's Blog Ring. I was attracted by your title. I love it.

I enjoyed reading about your sons. I have two sons and my "challenging" son is Corey. (although I don't mention his name on my blog.)

It was nice to visit. I will come again.

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