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Friday, February 6, 2009

Amazed! TSMSS

My song selection for this week is dedicated to the "baby" of the family. I blinked my eyes and he grew up.....married a sweet little girl last year…..and just started last week playing percussion in the worship band at church. He says he is nervous and doesn't really know what he's doing, but I can tell from his eyes that he is really enjoying being a part of the music. And I know a mom's opinion is prejudiced, but I think he is doing a great job!

Through music and song, the Lord speaks to us…blesses us… fills us…and revives us. And that is my prayer for my "baby"….to be blessed and filled and revived as he praises his Maker through music. He sent me a link to this song and said, "Mom, I really like this one." So, for my son, and for the glory of God's Son, I share "Amazed" by Desperation Band.

Please visit Amy to hear more songs to make your Saturday sing!

11 thoughts:

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful song and the message is amazing!

Thanks for sharing!

Happy TSMSS!

Cathy said...

I really like that one too, and the video is so pretty.

seesawfaith said...

What a beautiful song! I could actually feel myself becoming calm and focused on God. EXACTLY as it should be.

My heart was lifted by this song.

Thank you so much (and thank your son for me too!)

Have a blessed weekend!

Tammy said...

What an awesome song...amazed at His love, Tammy

Unknown said...

I love that song. It is one that really ministers to my heart.

We stopped over in Auburn last night to spend the night with Jeff's brother and family before going on up to Ellijay GA. We will be there a week :) YEAH! Vacation! Aimee and Juno will be coming on Tuesday to stay the rest of the week. God is good.

I will be out of internet service range until I am able to get to a "starbucks" to get online.

You are such a blessing to me! That song was one that when I heard it---I thought of our prodigal nephew....how God is working all around his life and he is so unaware. What a thought.

Have a blessed week...and thank you dear sister-friend for being with me---with all of us ---in these days of remembering. God is oh so faithful. He is TRUSTWORTHY!

GranthamLynn said...

Beautiful song and video. I have never heard it before. Thanks for sharing it!

Debra Kaye said...


This was so beautiful! I loved it! And I had never heard it before. What a great song. I can hear your happy Mommy heart...and it is beautiful too, my friend :)

Blessings to you today!

Sweet Blessings said...

How precious to share this with your "baby":) I love attending church with my parents now that I am and adult-understanding even more this body of Chris and that my mother and I are sisters in Christ- it's just precious. I loved the video and pictures that went along with this song! Blessings! Amanda:)

lisatheinkyartist said...

That is such a beautiful song. Thanks for sharing.

Sharon Lynne said...

How nice for a son to share a song with you that is meaningful to him. That's great that he's playing in the worship band.

My younger son, age 18, plays drums in the high school dept at church. He's also just starting out, but has played several times now, and is getting comfortable with it.

Unknown said...

I had to come back to hear the song again. I can't thank you enough for posting it. today is Sunday---and I am...indeed amazed.

Love you friend!

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