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Saturday, March 14, 2009

God STOP Sunday - Jehovah Jireh

A loved one that I have been praying for shared a memory with me this week that really spoke to my heart. This person spoke of a day many years ago when they desperately needed $20 to be able to buy a few grocery items and a few dollars worth of gas to go to work the next day. Not wanting to ask their boss for an advance, but not knowing where to turn, they uttered a desperate prayer to the Lord and asked for help with their predicament. After parking the car and preparing to go into work on Thursday (before the Friday payday), this person opened the car door, placed one foot on the pavement, and saw a $20 dollar bill lying on the concrete. They picked up the bill and then...CRIED.

Well, I nearly cried myself when I heard the story, and my eyes did blur, but I made the simple comment of, "The Lord takes care of His own." That was all that was said, and the conversation changed to something else, but I felt in my spirit that the Lord had really been dealing with this person.

Later I read on Carolyn's blog about the spiritual warfare going on for the souls of our family. I was really touched and renewed my vow to never stop being a prayer warrior for those I love and those in need. We have to stand in the gap and earnestly pray that God will change us to be whatever He needs us to be in order to help open the eyes of our loved ones so they may see the light of God's love.

So this week I Savored The Observable Presence of the Lord with Jehovah Jireh...times two! I heard a testimony of God providing help in a time of need, and then the Lord gave me assurance He is working on a prayer of mine.

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Unknown said...

Oh my stars! When I read that a time in my oldest daughter's life came back...her second son was born 2 1/2 months early...we spent much time in UAB in Birmingham. MUCH TIME. I had left work and was gone from my job for 2 months...one morning when she and her husband was coming into the hospital to be with Zackary---they circled the parking deck 3 times waiting to get in...waiting for someone to leave...they were finally able to enter and went up --up--up...and finally found a vacated spot. When her husband put his foot down as he opened the door---it landed on a $100 bill.(they gave their name-etc to the parking attendent---but they told them to keep the $$) We were amazed...but shouldn't be...because God provides for HIS children. In many unusual ways. We are blessed to be HIS daughters!!!

What an awesome GOD we serve!!!

Marsha said...

What a wonderful lesson in God's faithful provision.
I've just recently been able to be the one God used to provide for someone in an unusual way.
I was traveling on the interstate and stopped at a rest stop. While I was in the bathroom, a woman came in to clean the bathrooms. Clear as a bell I heard the Lord say to be, "Give her $20." I didn't have my wallet on me, it was in the car. When I got into the car I thought, I can just walk up to this woman and say, the Lord told me to give you this money, so I started to back out of the parking space. I couldn't do it! My heart was racing, my foot could not press the gas pedal. So I said, "Okay Lord, I'll do this out of obedience, even though it feels really strange." I walked back into the rest room, told the woman the Lord told me to give her this $20 and she looked at me like I was from the moon. She tried to refuse it, then she finally said, "I'm not a praying person, but I was just cleaning these sinks and saying, Lord I don't know how I'm gonna get home and back to work the next few days. I have no gas in my car and no money in my pocket."
This opened the door for me to share the gospel with her. Not only did she receive Christ as Savior, but so did her husband that evening (I gave her a gospel tract). We've been in touch via email ever since and they've found a church to attend.
God's ways are mysterious. He only asks us to be obedient AND to ask when we have a need.

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