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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Passing Under the Rod

The day had been long and the road home from the pasture was sometimes stony. Some had bruised hooves from stumbling down rocky paths and a few were still damp from crossing the cool stream deep in the valley. But home was nearby and the Shepherd was calling.

Their Shepherd stood tall and strong with His rod gripped firmly in His gentle hands. He had guided the flock that day as He did everyday...gently prodding them to go down the right paths and rescuing those that wandered. He had thrown the rod to divert a few of them away from the weeds that looked so delicious but were poisonous. Earlier, a pack of coyotes had attempted to snatch some of the straggling sheep, and their Shepherd had fought the preying beasts with the rod as if it were made of iron instead of oak.

Now as they were nearing the fold, they trembled in anticipation of passing under the Shepherd's rod. As each of the sheep was counted, they knew His compassionate hands would lovingly touch them. As the rod parted the fleece of each sheep, the Shepherd tenderly checked for any problem or affliction that might be hidden from view. Only when He was assured that all was well, did He release the sheep into the fold.

The Shepherd knows His sheep and counts them as His when they pass under the rod...

Gentle Shepherd

(Written by: William and Gloria Gaither)

Gentle Shepherd,

Come and lead us,

For we need you,

To help us find our way.

Gentle Shepherd,

Come and feed us,

For we need,

Your strength from day to day.

There's no other,

We can turn to,

Who can help us face another day.

Gentle Shepherd,

Come and lead us,

For we need you,

To help us find our way.


5 thoughts:

Andrea said...

The Lord's faithful love for us defies description. Thank you for these beautiful words about our Gentle Shepherd. Blessings.


Denise said...

Oh that is beautiful !!! Just beautiful...... just wanted to say thanks for coming by and checking on us..... Mom is not doing to good and still seeing people that are not there..... I so appreciate the encouragement that I get from gals I have never met....... It is so God....

Unknown said...

That is so encouraging to this old heart today...thank you dear sister!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to have been used by God to bless you with the song I shared on Saturday :)

Ahhh! Ezekiel... that is the book I am reading through! Though it has been hard off and on since God has been showing me for a while now that I am stubborn and rebellious at times :(

Denise said...

kt.......is that a Hook painting? I have several of his works and just love them.........

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