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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Wonderful Mother

Thank you Pictures, Images and Photos

In honor of this upcoming weekend, I would like to take several days and pay tribute to some special mothers I know and tell them "Thank you!"

THANK YOU for...

Taking my firstborn son's heart and lovingly embracing it

Becoming my first daughter

Being a wonderful friend

Giving my son two wonderful children and in turn making me a NANNA

Looking to the Lord for guidance in all aspects of your life

Raising your children to know of God's love

Training your children to love and honor the Lord and their family

Teaching them to share and show concern for others

Showing them how to thank God each day for their blessings

Encouraging them to seek the Lord first for their needs

Inspiring them to see the wonder of God in the world around us

Using your time wisely by planning ahead

Laughing and playing with your family and friends

Preparing nutritious meals for your family and shopping frugally

Creatively impacting everything you touch

Blogging and suggesting I might enjoy it too

Taking your family to church and having bible studies

Showing the love of God

You have been a mother for 6 years, 6 months, and 8 days and have accomplished so much during that time. I am very proud of you and love you from the bottom of my heart.

Happy Mother's Day, Carrie!

3 thoughts:

Carrie said...

WOW! That is so incredibly sweet of you, I am extremely flattered and feel completely unworthy. I feel so lacking in many of these areas but I truly and thankful that you think so highly of me as a mom and daughter in law. I am truly blessed to have a great mother-in-law...so many do not have the privilege of saying that!
I don't know what else to say... thank you!!!!

LisaShaw said...

You wrote a very beautiful and touching tribute to Carrie.

Bless you dear sister.

Denise said...

How very sweet......... I am waiting to have a sweet daughter in law so I can have a sweet grand baby! What a wonderful tribute to Carrie.....

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