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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Golden Grahams and Granddaddy

Have you ever had a moment when you looked back on childhood days and recalled events that seemed ordinary at the time, but were really passages to cherished memories?

When I was growing up, the summers spent with my grandparents meant...

Lazy nights on the front porch watching lightening bugs and sipping on melted ice that had been cracked with a tablespoon into fine slivers in my Granddaddy's strong hands...

Listening to stories of days gone by and how our parents had once been kids too...

Watching two grownups get excited at "real" wrestling, shouting at the TV screen, and on at least one occasion...overturning a rocking chair...

Going to the grocery store with Granddaddy nearly every day to buy two or three boxes of Golden Grahams during the summer they were introduced because all the grandkids and adults thought they were so tasty and couldn't get enough of them...

Feeling so much love and warmth and happiness, one's heart might explode...

Days at Granddaddy's house were special...because he was special. He was given the name of "Poppie" by the same cousin that called Grandmother "Monie".

Poppie loved:


his family,

his neighbors,

his fellow man,

and especially his Saviour.

Affection was freely given and he possessed a servant's heart that was always trying to do for others. We used to joke about him never sitting still more than a minute or two before jumping up to get something for someone.

"You need anything?"

"What can I get you?"

Family, near and distant, was always welcomed in his home and it was not unusual to have nights when every bed was full and pallets covered the floor for all the grandchildren. The more the merrier!

Poppie loved going to church and demonstrated the love of Christ in his actions for others. Every passerby was spoken to, store clerks were engaged in stories, and each person was treated with respect and dignity...even the ones who showed him no respect.

After he retired and Grandmother's health declined, he took over the household chores and the cooking, which he did with a passion. His chili and vegetable soup were the best and his pound cakes were unrivaled and always a temptation to the grandkids. (Remember that particular summer, Kristi...when that perfectly formed golden top was just too much to resist?) !

Poppie was blessed to be able to see 3 fifth generation great great grandchildren. My hope is that when they are older, they will enjoy hearing stories about this wonderful man and realize what a great role model he was.

So for this Father's Day week(and always) I thank the Lord for blessing me with this wonderful GRANDDADDY!

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LisaShaw said...

Karen, this is so beautiful. I cried.

Your words here ring so true for me: "Feeling so much love and warmth and happiness, one's heart might explode..."

I had two special Grandparents too.

Blessings dear sister.

Sweet Blessings said...

I have such fond memories with my grandfather! I can remember so many things about him vividly. He used to give me the claw on my head and he thought it was the funniest thing. He was so kind and loving. Maybe I'll write about him sometime to-inspired by you of course:) Blessing! Amanda

Julie said...

Karen, I loved this post. What a beautiful tribute!!!

I remember Mayfield Ice Milk (Ice Cream) with chocolate sauce at my Grandmother's. She always had it waiting for me when I came to spend the night.

Love remembering those times!

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. As usual you bless me!

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