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Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Hero

Exactly 50 years, 4 months, and 21 days ago, I first met my hero...

I don't remember too much about that time, but they tell me he was pretty much taken with me...

Time passed and life happened, and I realized that something was special about my Daddy...

No one else's daddy could possibly be as strong as my Daddy could

No one else's daddy could ever protect them as well as my Daddy protected me

No one else's daddy could ever even hope to have a daughter that loved him as much as I loved MY DADDY

He worked hard...got up in the early morning hours...had already put in several hours on the job before dawn...

I never doubted for one minute that I wasn't safe when my Daddy was near.

I remember...

Being his TV remote before there was such a thing

Learning to toss and drop pitch a softball and swing at it and miss hit it with a bat

Knowing if I did something wrong, I had better admit it quickly because my Daddy knew about it already

Having grasshoppers and spiders thrown down my shirt (I guess I should thank him for preparing me for a life with three boys of my own...I tried to pay him back one time and made him a weed sandwich but he was not fooled)

Walking down the looooong hall at our house and never knowing when my Daddy would jump out from behind a door and yell boo

After being outnumbered in a houseful of girls, my Daddy welcomed 5 grandsons...was he ever proud!

"Play with Granddaddy" was both the grandsons favorite thing to do, and the words to the song they sang until Granddaddy had wrestled with them so much they could not talk, but just shriek with laughter...

When my Daddy first became a Granddaddy, the problem arose of:

"How to tell the difference between him and my Granddaddy, when someone said the name Granddaddy."

We decided to call my Granddaddy, "Little Granddaddy," so my firstborn decided my Daddy should be called "Big Ole Granddaddy." And "Big Ole Granddaddy" he was called for years until it was shortened to just Granddaddy. He would just grin when they called him that...

My Daddy taught me to

Be respectful and courteous

Do what is right, not what is the most popular or easiest

Love, honor, and obey the Lord

One memorable event happened when I was about 17 years old. I wrote a graduation speech that included some dialogue written in CB radio talk lingo...think "Smokey and the Bandit" and "Dukes of Hazard" craze of the '70's...well, I worked very hard to write something that was appropriate for the occasion, but that included a conversation between the Senior class and their "future" as if they were talking on a CB radio.

Early on the day of graduation, the practice session for the ceremony was a disaster. One of the senior class sponsors, a very proper English teacher, labeled the speech inappropriate, and suggested I rewrite the conversation, as it would be spoken between two "educated people."

Later, I was approached by a couple of my classmates that said they would be ashamed for their family and guests to hear such a speech and they couldn't believe I was going to read it.

I was crushed.

As soon as I walked in the door early that afternoon, I burst into tears and told everyone what happened. I cried, "I'm just not going to graduation...they can send me the diploma."

My Grandparents were staying with us that week and everyone gave me good advice and calmed me down. One suggestion was to simply approach the podium and say, "I had a speech prepared, but due to the suggestion of a member of the faculty and a few students, I have decided not to speak."

But MY DADDY, who held me in his big strong arms while I sobbed and despaired said, "Karen, you do what is right for you. You wrote a good speech with a good message to tell your classmates, and if you don't read it because of ridicule of a few or embarrassment, then the wrong ones win. You decide what you feel is right to do, and whatever you decide, remember I love you and I am very proud of you".

Well...I don't have to tell you how that story ended...








So like my Heavenly Father...

About the time my Daddy retired, he began having many health problems that steadily grew worse and prevented him from enjoying some of the things he loved to do. So he adapted...took up new hobbies...and became a computer whiz...and eventually started his own "ministry," whether he intended to or not...

Anything you want to find online, my Daddy can probably find it.

Feeling blue?

He'll find the perfect joke or funny picture to cheer you up...sometimes they are corny or make me think, "I can't believe he sent that," but they are guaranteed to take your mind off your problems.

Feeling discouraged?

He'll send you an uplifting devotion that will make you count your blessings and have renewed hope.

Feeling hopeless and in despair?

He'll direct you to the One who has all the answers and hope for every problem.

My Daddy...my gift from the Lord...my Hero

I love you...

8 thoughts:

Aunt Gwen said...

What a great tribute to YOUR Dad and MY big brother. We both love him dearly and I appreciate your sharing these memories. All your tributes this week have been so special. I thank you for your special memories re Little Granddaddy ..my Dad. What a family legacy we share in having these men of God in our lives!

Your blogs are such an inspiration and encouragement to me. I love how God is using my precious niece to be a blessing to so many.

Carrie said...

Love it! All true!

Marsha said...

Oh Karen! What a BEAUTIFUL tribute to a GREAT Daddy! You and your family are so very blessed.

Thank you for sharing him with all of us today.

Andrea said...

What a lovely, lovely tribute to your father! What precious memories and moments you hold in your heart!

You have such a wonderful family! God is so good!

I enjoyed the stories and the slide show. Beautiful pictures!

God bless, and have a great Monday!

With God's Love,


Denise said...

Beautiful story of a Father and daughter.. How precious that he gave you a glimpse of the heavenly Father.. Heavenly Father on earth is what you have with you Dad........

Unknown said...

Karen, I read this the other day...and couldn't comment. I have to admit to some mighty strong tears (I'll tell you why later). This was the most precious post I have ever read for father's day...and I remembered some stuff about my own daddy when I read it! The "early remote control" was one.

This blessed me more than you know. But tonight...since the tears won't matter to anyone but me...I had to come back...read again and leave my "thank you"...

You are a blessing :)

Sharon Lynne said...

You are blessed to have such a wonderful and wise father! I enjoyed reading about him (and you).

My dad will be celebrating an 80th birthday soon, and I'm am also blessed.

melanieabneyphotography said...

Karen, this post brought laughter and it brought tears. Your daddy is blessed to have you as, his daughter. You are simply blessed with storytelling and ways with words. Never put the pen down, it is your gift. Love you.

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