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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Once upon a time….

Once upon a time, 32 years ago to be exact, a young man and a young woman were deeply in love and decided to get married. Not wanting the extravagance or expense of a large wedding, the young couple chose to have a small, intimate gathering.

As the guest list grew with each suggestion of a private ceremony, the determined couple decided to elope...

Plans were made hurriedly and the day came for the blessed event. Not wanting to go to a justice of the peace, the groom's dad was entrusted with the plans and helped supply a ready and willing minister to perform the ceremony.

The future groom came to pick up his future bride at her home and was surprised to find the bride's parents had somehow "guessed" something was going on and had come home early from work to bid farewell to their daughter and future son-in-law. Amidst tears and waving of hands, the couple drove away, not knowing the younger sister of the bride had already begun the rite of "taking over the older sister's bedroom before she is even out of the driveway."

With proper identification in hand and what they thought was the correct blood test certificate, the couple hurried to the courthouse to get their marriage license before the office closed for the day. Alas, another surprise, the certificate was invalid until signed by a physician!

What to do?? The groom's doctor was 2 hours away and the bride's doctor was unavailable. As fate would have it, the couple decided for a long shot and ran to the office of their pediatrician, whom neither one had seen in years. The Lord was looking out for them because after hearing of their predicament, a dear little nurse promptly brought the doctor to the front of the office and he signed the certificate.

Racing back to the courthouse with only minutes to spare, the couple finally received the marriage license. Then off again on the 2 hour drive to the groom's house where his parents had written directions to the church and well wishes for the couple.

Arriving at the church on the outskirts of Atlanta, the Wednesday night congregation was leaving to go home. The couple introduced themselves to the minister and his wife, and prepared to have their "small and intimate ceremony." A few ladies of the church asked if they could stay and watch, so the couple obliged them.

Only having eyes for each other, and hearing the minister speak the sweetest words about the holy union of husband and wife and the Lord, the couple held hands as the minister prayed over them. Vows were taken, the pronouncement was spoken, and it was all sealed with that first married kiss.

The couple lived happily ever after, and to this day, would not change a thing about their wedding day, except for having each of their parents, and only their parents, at the ceremony.

What God has joined together, let no man put asunder.

Happy Anniversary, my sweet Ricky! Precious memories we will never forget of our special day...

August 9, 1977...

7 thoughts:

Denise said...

Happy Anniversary girl! What a wonderful story! Hope your day was wonderful !

Your Dad said...

So glad it has worked so well. Happy anniversary.We love you.

Carrie said...

Aw, what a great story! And a great picture!

christy rose said...

What a wonderful, sweet story of how you got married. I think it is one of the sweetest romantic things I have heard in a long time. I loved it! Thank you for sharing it!

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

Such a great story and be happy as I am for you

Andysbethy said...

That is a wonderful story. I especially loved the part about the younger sister taking over the bedroom. My sister didn't wait until I got married, instead taking over as soon as I left for college, but I remember her pushing me out the door!
That is a beautiful picture of the two of you on your wedding day. Just beautiful. Congratulations!

Peggy said...

Ohhh (sigh) sweet Karen!!! How beautiful! A great wedding story & now that you are celebrating 33 yrs. as I read this: what God has joined and blessed is a loving, determined couple blessed in His love!

Happy 32nd Anniversary on your 33rd!
Blessings and many more...(love your long beautiful hair)... Peggy

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