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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Proverbial Sunrise – Compassion – Just Stirred?


Amanda at The Proverbial Sunrise is challenging us this month with the topic of compassion. We are quick to share our thoughts on God’s great compassion for us and how we know to show this compassion to others so they will see the love of Christ in us.

We know this...

I know this...

Now I am asking myself...do I show this compassion or do I just think compassionate thoughts...

or not?

Oh, it’s mission Sunday...asking for more money...don’t they know I have enough bills to pay of my own...my small amount won’t really help much anyway...

There’s that soup kitchen man asking for volunteers again...I just have way too much to do next week...there is no way I can go spend half the day working over there...maybe I can donate a couple of cans of food and get him off my back...

Not the nursing home...it has a funny smell and is so depressing...the old people say the same things over and over again...I can’t understand half of what they say anyway...I just do better at dealing with people my own age...

Prison ministry...are you kidding me...there is no way I am going to go sit in jail with a bunch of women who have done Lord knows what...I’ll just turn my eyes aside so she won’t see me...if we don’t make eye contact, I’ll be alright...

The words to this song have been in my head this week:

Stirred But Not Changed

Often times my heart has been stirred,

By the things that I have heard,

About so many who have never heard God's word,

And though tears would fill my eyes,

All to soon I'd realize,

Though my hearts been stirred, my life has not been

Have I heard it for so long that He’s just another

Has the story lost its thrill that I once knew?

Lord, give me a burden that’s so strong,

That it will last when my tears are gone.

I’m tired of what I’ve been... Lord, make me over

I’m so tired of being stirred about the lost who
need to hear.

I’m so tired of being stirred that His coming is so near;

I’m so tired of being stirred till I cry bitter tears.

I’m so tired of
being stirred but not being changed.”

But this time Lord change me, let the work begin
just now,

This time Lord change me, please change me some how,

This time Lord change me, let my life be rearranged,

I'm so tired of being stirred but
not being changed.

I'm so tired of being stirred but not being

by: Lanny Wolfe

While we are on the subject of compassion, please visit Peggy, who daily shows compassion to those around her. For her 500th blog post, she has a challenge to gather 500 Christian bloggers from all around the world. Won't you join her?

5 thoughts:

Sweet Blessings said...

Karen, I share your sentiments! I say that I love people but when I'm actually involved in their lives I wonder do I really love people. The words to the song hit home! THANK YOU for sharing today! Blessings, Amanda:)

Karen said...

A good word. Thank you for reminding me that God doesn't see any of us as undeserving of His love. It is the goodness of God that leads me to repentance.

Sharon Lynne said...

Thank you for this compassionate post and reminder.

Sometimes it seems that when I am most content or inwardly at peace, is after I have done a kindness for someone else.

GodsOwn/Bernice said...

You blessed me with your post and also you made me look for the song on youtube.I did not find it BUT the anointed voices of this singer was a blessing this morning for me..
Thanks and have a wonderful blessed day

Unknown said...

I love the fact that you post songs I KNOW by heart!!!!!!!!!!!

At my home church, this was always one of my favorite choir songs, I remember clearly singing in the choir all those many years ago and listening to the dear sister--soloist---as she sang with tears in her eyes...you always tell...this song moved her and it moved all of us!

I love it!

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