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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Memories of Christmas Past – Girls vs. Boys

My daughter-in-law has a special time of sharing on her blog for the next 12 days. It sounds like fun and there is even a giveaway!

"I am participating in 12 Days of Christmas Sharing hosted by Carrie at Thoughts, Ponderings, Musings. Each day, from December 1st-12th, I will be sharing a Christmas recipe, craft, creation, tradition, etc. on my blog via the Christmas Share link up. Come join us and gain new ideas for your Christmas "creating" season! There is a giveaway for bloggers who participate in all 12 days."

When thinking back on Christmases past, most gifts did not leave lasting impressions. What is recalled are the wonderful moments with family and the love and joy that seemed to fill every nook and cranny of our home.

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Traditions played a major part in these special moments.

As children, my sister and I woke in the wee hours of Christmas morning and awakened our parents with a loud, “Merry Christmas!!


The living room door was always shut, so we anxiously awaited the opening to discover the treasures yet unseen. Mother and Daddy would throw on their clothes, take their places in the living room, and get the camera ready.

If our grandparents were there, Little Granddaddy would turn on the reel to reel voice recorder and the video camera with huge bright flash bulbs...(this WAS the 60’s)


Then we would come in while everyone watched our faces and laughed at our “cute” comments and exclamations.

In another part of town, my much-younger-one-day-to-be-my spouse was enjoying a different Christmas morning...


He and his two younger brothers would rise early...run into the living room to see what Santa brought...and then go wake up their parents...

These completely opposite Christmas morning traditions led to deep discussions when we had children of our own...

But that story is for the next time of sharing...

So, what were your childhood Christmas mornings like? Did you wait until your family was up or did you run to the tree first?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, What a fun idea for everyone to share. Your photos are cute as can be. My older brother/sister already knew there was no Santa, and they would get me up along with our parents and we'd find my presents under the tree. I remember many of the gifts through the years.

Carrie said...

Good question! It actually took me a minute to think of what we did....
I think it was a mix...we might peek but didn't go in or open until the parents were in there. I honestly don't have a big memory either way but I know they were always in there when we saw everything so we must have waited.

Stuff could always be worse said...

Great idea to share their Christmas memories. Yes I always went to the tree as soon as I could!

Deborah Ann said...

Aw, love those old pictures. Have a blessed Christmas, Karen, if I don't get back this way before then!

Peggy (mazmagi) said...

Blessings Karen... How fun! You always capture your memories and family so well with the photos but also your wonderful words!

And anything that gets you to blog for 12 days makes my day JOYFUL!

I had to really think about your question. Boy, am I getting that old. Before 4 yrs. old, I think I snuck down the stairs before everyone was up...then for sure woke them all (from a recollection of a photo)! After 4 in the house we lived in for the rest of my childhood, we had two Christmas trees and did much of our tradition on Christmas Eve but I know we opened Christmas presents on Christmas morn... but I can't remember which tree, upstairs or downstairs. I'm sure it was downstairs like Christmas Eve with Santa Claus (my dad, but the best Santa ever!!!) We must have waited until we all went down but I'm sure there were times, I was down and back up before anyone awoke. If we went to Midnight mass, we might have opened presents upon returning.

I can't believe I don't remember this because we loved Christmas and all the food, trimmings, decorations, everything about Christmas!!! I have flashes of opening gifts downstairs but not how we got there or who took photos? Or even who was first? Must have been me... I can see my dad sitting in his chair... waiting and watching! We'd each get a gift and then open them at the same time.

No traditions at our house with our kids... because many times we went to a hotel or ski resort! Our living room was never used as a living room but a library/office.
So our upstairs room with the Christmas tree was closed until we all went in together! I tried to get holiday traditions established but it was all what I did to make it Christmas, even all the presents.

Peace and JOY as I look forward to your 12 days of sharing!!!

Denise said...

It seems that my mind is going back in time this year.. Bitter sweet memories hurt my heart but make me smile......... Dad never put up the tree till Christmas eve and we did not see it till Christmas morning.. I miss him..

Sharon Lynne said...

I enjoyed reading about your Christmas memories. When I was young, my brother and I would run out to the living room before my parents awoke. We were allowed to open our stockings, but nothing else...until mom and dad got up. After they got up, they'd fix a big breakfast. Then we had to wait until my grandparents arrived before we opened the presents. Patience, patience.

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