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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wanting S’more...

Just 3 ingredients:





Graham crackers

graham crackers

Heated in the fire...


transformed into squishy, melted goodness that makes our taste buds happy...



Definitely, one of the best parts of camping.

Here’s a somewhat different s’mores recipe...

Just 3 ingredients:


compassion copy


cross copy


grace-1 copy

Kindled by His Consuming Fire...


transforming us into a new creation!


Royal s’mores from the King of kings...

We want more, Lord...of You!

Please give us more, we pray...

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13 thoughts:

Sharon Kirby said...

Karen - As a person who LOVES outdoor camping, this post was really special!

I can't think of anything more delicious or filling than s'mores made by the King of kings! I could make a steady diet of that - well, as a matter of fact, I am!

Yum, yum - Lord, we want more of You every moment and every day!


Denise said...

Amen sis, more more more. I love you, and your new blog look.

Sandy said...

Couldn't agree more, Karen. Once
you taste and see that the Lord
is good nothing else compares.
S'mores are great, too, though.

Toyin O. said...

The food looks yummy Karen:) And yes, I want more of you Jesus too:)

Sharon Lynne said...

Yes..we want more of Him!

For one week I've gotten up a little earlier to spend time with Him on a regular basis. It's nice.

I hope I keep going with this!

Nezzy said...

I just adore both of your recipes of perfection.

We often have a picnic on the hearth where we roast hot dogs in the fireplace which always end in this sweet treat!!!

God bless and have a marvelous Valentine's Day!!! :o)

Barbara said...

Amen Karen, this is so good, you know I have never had a smore, right raised 5 children, and not once had them, hugs and the praise God for our King, hugs

lioneagle said...

Hi Karen -

Thank you for this rich message.

That rainbow photo, in particular, struck me strong... Splendor indeed.

Murugi Njehia said...

Hi Karen, I love how you hit the nail on the head! Amazing post!! God Bless You!

Just Be Real said...

Yummy indeed.

Stuff could be worse said...

I love this, all these delicious pics also. Yes Lord we need more

Peggy (mazmagi) said...

Blessings Karen... FINALLY, my tummy says yummy and can view this with total delight and cravings rather than uh-oh! Once more something I miss... got the ingredients but LOVE the Royal Ones the Best!

Once more Karen, your creative writing and spiritual inspiration brings me to awe and relishing the awesome combination you presented of what our King makes possible through His Compassion, Mercy and Grace Kindled in Consuming Fire, leaving us wanting MORE of Him and knowing He give s'more daily as we SEEK! Ingenious!!! Beautiful photos!

Thankful HE IS'MORE than enough and you are a delight to His heart and mine! Be mine...just took on a new meaning for Valentine's! Hope you were able to enJOY S'MORE Lovin' in the midst of all the ways you are showing God's love to your family!
Praying your mom is better and better each day, healing well! Praying for God's grace over you (and all of them too)! If this was for Valentine's day, happy day! If not, I pray you are enJOYing the love you give and have blessed me with so many times! (Sorry I'm so late...but I did not forget! I'm so far behind)

Delight in the Lord and may He give you the desires of your heart! Ps. 37:4

Love 'ya ... peace and JOY,

Laurie said...

Oh, how I love this, Karen! You have once again used your God-given talent of writing to glorify Him with this 3-ingredient word picture of compassion, mercy and grace, all kindled by His transforming flame. Amen! Amen!

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