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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Anchored Hope - WFW

So God has given
both His promise and His oath.
These two things are unchangeable
because it is impossible for God to lie.
we who have fled to Him for refuge
can have great confidence
as we hold to the hope that lies before us. 
This hope
is a strong and trustworthy
anchor for our souls.
It leads us through the curtain
into God’s inner sanctuary.

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12 thoughts:

Renee Ann said...

Love this! The world seems so chaotic at times. It's good to remind each other about our anchor. Happy Wednesday!

Carol said...

Thanks for sharing this verse today. It is good to start the day anchored with hope--resting on God's promise.

Peggy said...

Hallelujah and blessings Karen...

BEAUTIFUL! Beautiful sun scene (my favorites of all photos) and beautiful choice of verses - or in the case of the ones you chose to emphasize...


The preceding verse of God's promise and oath, and that "it's impossible for God to lie" bless me almost as much as the golden truth that you have illuminated in your WFW! I agree this is a great way to start the day or finish it. Thank you! This verse makes the journey I'm on even more a JOYFUL destiny.

So glad that you are near to steer me with this HOPE and PEACE!

"Our HOPE is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness."

Because "...the anchor holds... "

You have been one of the links in the chain that keeps me anchored and HOPEFUL! May God pour His Hope and strength back into you for the way you share Him with others!

Peace, love,JOY and HOPE...

Sharon said...

What a tremendous anchor - one that holds strong and sure through the storms of life. I love this verse from Hebrews. It has so many wonderful aspects:

We can flee to God for refuge.
We can have great confidence in Him.
We can hold on to hope.
We can look forward to a great future.
We can be anchored to the Lord's strength.
We can rely on His trustworthiness.
We can be led by God.
We can approach His very Presence boldly.

Oh, praise His name!


From the Heart said...

Beautiful verse.

Alida Sharp said...

Love this!!

Karen said...

And that hope does not disappoint us! Thanks for the great word picture.
We have lots in common: Christian, married 33 years, 3 kids, grandmas, bloggers. :o)blessings on your day!

Cathy said...

That is lovely, Karen.

lioneagle said...

Hi Karen -

Wow! Where do you find these pictures?!

Beauty and splendor indeed.

And I love how you have scriptures with the photos. Precious...

Thank you, Karen

Just Be Real said...

Timely post Karen, thank you.

Sharon Lynne said...

Thanks for the reminder to hold on to hope! We have a faithful God!

Fresh Garden said...

If we do not hope, we will not find what is beyond our hopes.

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