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Sunday, October 26, 2008

First Post

Well, it's time to shock the kids and start my own blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading my children's blogs, their friends' blogs, and suggested blogs. So, believe it or not, Mom has a few thoughts and impressions she would like to share.

Of course nothing written will be anything that has not been written before and most surely written by more eloquent writers than myself. Every time I read a new post, it always makes me either smile, laugh out loud, cry, or thank the Lord.....sometimes all four! Now who doesn't need more of those simple things in their lives? And they seem to happen just when I need them.

So if possibly something I decide to share can make someone else break into a grin, or be grateful for their blessings, then the time spent was well worth it. If no one decides to read my posts, or if the one(s) that do read them do not "get" what I am saying, then I have still written things from my heart and talked with my Heavenly Father while posting. So either way it is still worthwhile.

For those who have regularly read my son's entertaining http://sackfullofgeek.blogspot.com/, let me state now that Corey received a bounty of sarcasm and wit from his gene pool, but it did not come from me. My sweet daughter in law's http://thinkeditup.blogspot.com/, is the most well written and thought provoking blog out there. I am so very proud of both of them.

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