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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Forgotten But Not Forsaken

Here is a poem my Dad shared with me...

Forgotten But Not Forsaken

Day after day an old man sits and reads from an old tattered book,

Each time a car comes up the drive, he lifts his head to look.

As months fade into years and people come and go,

He wipes away many a tear because it is never anyone he knows.

His family is too busy; they don't have time for him,

It seems they have all forgotten everything he did for them.

All the years of hard work to give them a house and home,

Now, they've brought him here to this place and left him all alone.

He is old and feeble now; they say his mind is not all there,

All he ever does is read his Bible and sit in that old rocking chair.

His children say: "He won't know the difference if we visit or not"

But they are just making excuses to deny that they forgot.

But, one day his loneliness will end and he will be surrounded with love,

When he crosses over death's valley and enters heaven above.

Where he will live forever in a mansion all his own,

And visit every day with the Father on His throne.

4 thoughts:

Andrea said...

There are so many lonely people in this world. My husband and I see them quite often in the church. It breaks my heart, but I feel convicted because I just don't do enough. God sees and understands the lonely. The elderly whose family abandons them must break God's heart. I believe He will hold us all acountable for how we treat our parents when they're aged. God bless you for sharing this poem.

Carrie said...

whoa! Is grandaddy trying to tell us something?!!! ha ha. JK!

Sisters of Faith said...

I love when you share your dads poems...this one speaks volumes...to my heart!

Love you Karen!

Sisters of Faith said...

Forgot to sign my name...since I was signed into our Sister's of Faith site :)

Love you---Angie

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