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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Someone is Praying

I am so thankful for the prayers that were said for me by family and friends during the seasons in my life when I was not serving the Lord. I am thankful for those prayers that are being whispered now concerning strength for trials, comfort for heartaches,and blessings along life's way. Whatever would we do without interceding prayers...where would we be? What about those who have no one praying on their behalf...that feel totally alone and in despair?

Someone Is Praying For You
author: Linda M. Oliver

Somewhere someone's praying

Down upon their knees,

Lifting you before the Throne

With love and gentle pleas.

Asking God to give you strength

To face another day,

And when the night is darkest

Shine light upon your way.

Somewhere someone's kneeling

To whisper your name in prayer,

Knowing that you need to feel

God's love and tender care.

They intercede on your behalf

Because they love you so,

Knowing that you have a need

To their Father they will go.

They pray when you're not able

To speak a single word,

What peace there is in knowing

Their prayers will be heard.

They lay you on the altar

As they kneel there at His feet,

Giving all your cares to Him

There at the mercy seat.

Our God is always listening

To every earnest prayer,

When we look to Him for help

The answer is always there.

It's such a comfort to know

That someone prays for you,

Placed within His loving hands

Those prayers will see you through.

As you kneel before the Father

Thank Him for those who care,

When you bow before the mercy seat

Whisper their name in prayer.


Are you a Prayer Warrior??

Praying earnestly to the

Rock of our salvation,

Anticipating answers that



Results, and

Without fail


Remembering to

Raise our voices in

Intercession on behalf of

Others to our Blessed



"The greatest tragedy of life is not unanswered prayer,

but unoffered prayer."

F.B. Meyer


2 thoughts:

LisaShaw said...

ALL PRAYER is important to me. I have a special place in my heart for intercessory prayer. It's a privilege to stand for the needs of others.

Thanks for sharing this with everyone. Bless you.

Andrea said...

Karen, the quotes and the poem are so moving, so powerful. I felt convicted as I read them. I need to pray more earnestly than I do. God bless you for sharing these words.


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