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Friday, April 3, 2009

Twenty Three Today

Twenty three years ago, my baby was born. He was the caboose of the family...the mini Texas tornado...and a wide eyed and eyebrow raised bundle of energy. We enjoyed your antics with wrestling, skateboarding, karate, video games, and unusual hairstyles. You blessed us with laughter galore, hugs by the bunch, and the sweetest and most loving disposition...you worried and cared for inanimate objects as well!

Last year you became a husband and your wonderful nature and love for others is being experienced and appreciated by a whole other family. But you will always be my little boy...my baby...and a young man I am so proud to call my son. You have grown in the Lord so much these last few months and it thrills my heart that you are reading your Bible, playing in the worship band, and seeking direction from God for your life. I just know you will be blessed if you let the Lord use you for His purpose.

Happy Birthday Son...I love you!

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Andrea said...

Congratulations on the birthday of your son! May the Lord bless you for being a godly mom!


Carrie said...

Oh I love the slideshow! AND I appreciate the time it took you to do...because probably most (if not all) of these photos had to be scanned! (agh I do not envy the days before digital photos!) That photo of him with the bleached bangs is the first I remember of little Benny!
Happy Birthday Ben!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the memories....Karen

Happy Birthday Ben


Sharon Lynne said...

Happy Birthday to your son! May he continue to walk close to the Lord--serving God and his family.

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