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Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Daddy’s Desire

Once upon a time, there was a daddy with two little girls. One of his daughters lived close to him, and the daddy was able to enjoy time with her. He called her Munchkin. The other daughter lived far away and the daddy was unable to see her very often. He called her Balki.

As children are inclined to do, Balki and Munchkin grew quickly. Munchkin was with her daddy often and played, laughed, and stole her daddy's heart.

Balki had not been home in over a year and her daddy's heart broke every time he thought about her.

Munchkin was cuddled and kissed and rocked in daddy's arms.

Daddy's arms ached to cuddle and rock Balki and his lips longed to give her a kiss.

This daddy's greatest desire was to have both his daughters close to him...at home with him...safe with him. He tried to call Balki to talk to her, but most of the time, the calls would go unanswered.

Still, he watched...and waited...and hoped...for the glorious day he would see Balki running home to be in his arms.

I know a daddy that...

Loves his daughters

Misses his daughters

Laughs with his daughters

Cries with his daughters

Prays for his daughters

Thanks God for his daughters

He has made some mistakes

Regretted some things

Forgotten some things

Learned some things

But always, his heavenly Father was watching...and waiting...and hoping...for that glorious day this daddy son would run home...

And now, this daddy has rededicated his life to God. He is beginning to understand that the love, joy, and delight he feels for his children, is felt even greater by his heavenly Father for him.

The road is ahead is long...the daddy does not know which way it will lead...he does not know when his child will come home...but this he does know...he is not alone....

6 thoughts:

weezie said...

Please know that I will be lifting this daddy in prayer. -- Love the pictures!

annies home said...

I will be praying for this daddy and that wisdom will be on his side as he faces the world. THanks for sharing such a great post

Carrie said...

Beautifully written!

Andrea said...

Karen, what a precious, heart- moving post! God knows our frame and our life story, one that we don't even fully know yet!

How beautiful that your dear one has come to the Lord. May God give him strength and hope. Yes, even faith for the one who will come home.

God bless. Have a promise-filled weekend!


LisaShaw said...

Heart-felt sharing dear sister.

My love and prayers Karen...

Unknown said...

Karen--that's twice this week. Twice that you have ministered to me in an incredible way.

I love the pictures...

AND the rededicated life! God is ON HIS THRONE!!!

I love you sister!

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