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Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Good Man Found

What can I say about this next dad?

He is known affectionately as...







and sometimes Clark W Griswold

He is a good provider...

in the good times and the bad.

His family always has a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs and food on the table...their needs are always met and many of the wants are made possible because this dad is and always has been a hard working man.

This dad does whatever it takes to provide for his family. He sacrifices so many things to take care of the ones he loves...

For long periods of time, this dad worked 7 days a week to make it possible for his children to have the things they wanted and be able to travel. Camping was always fun and vacations were a blast...who can forget the famous DC trips? Now the grandkids love riding in Poppa's camper and "marshing" hotdogs and marshmallows.

With the Lord's help, he managed to do all he did while his family was growing up, and they ALWAYS felt safe, protected and secure.

God blessed this dad with 3 wonderful boys and after each one was born, he thanked the Lord for His blessings and dedicated the children to Him...continued blessings have been given through the years in the form of 2 precious daughters-in-law, 1 special "daughter," 3 amazing granddaughters, and one awesome grandson.

This dad has given to his children...

A strong work ethic

A love of music

A gift of laughter with his imitations and antics

A time to groan with his parodies and "shows"

A legacy of faithfulness and honesty

A bounty of unfailing love

This dad is a good man with a tender heart beneath a sometimes gruff exterior...

His sons call this dad their hero and

his wife calls him HERS...

and thanks God for him every day.

I love you Ricky...

you are the love of my life

and the best dad to our boys...

4 thoughts:

Carrie said...

I had never heard anything about the bicycle for two!!!! Cute pictures! Great writing as always!

Denise said...

Blessing from God abundant in your life...... A good man is hard to find sometimes.... I was 54 before mine came into view! Rejoicing with you as you pay tribute to your hubby! Great pictures!

Marsha said...

Well Karen... now you owe me a box of tissue! With all this love flowing on the page it's dripped into my eyes!

Peggy said...

WOW! Karen --- I love this as much as the one I read on your dad! And so much love oozing for this man! I'm so happy I popped over and read this. Wonderful words for the wonder of the love of your life and it shows so gracefully. I've missed so much of your blog, I can't believe it. Love this photo and the sweet images your words created of your special guy. What a blessing you two share! I'm wiping away tears that welled up in my eyes ... so that's enough for now.

Love and thanks for sharing Ricky,

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