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Monday, September 14, 2009

Lean Hard

Did you have a busy weekend? Is the sky blue? Did you just roll your eyes?

During the busyness of this past weekend, my heart was grabbed by the Spirit as I read a devotional in “Streams in the Desert”. I read the words through several times and as each recitation spoke, a picture formed in my mind of the Lord...as He personally shaped each of my burdens...and knew what weights I could bear...and waited for me to draw near to lay them on Him...to lean hard...

"Child of My love, lean hard,

And let Me feel the pressure of thy care;

I know thy burden, child. I shaped it;

Poised it in Mine Own hand; made no proportion

In its weight to thine unaided strength,

For even as I laid it on, I said,

'I shall be near, and while she leans on Me,

This burden shall be Mine, not hers;

So shall I keep My child within the circling arms

Of My Own love.' Here lay it down, nor fear

To impose it on a shoulder which upholds

the government of worlds. Yet closer come:

Thou art not near enough. I would embrace thy care;

So I might feel My child reposing on My breast.

Thou lovest Me? I knew it. Doubt not then;

But Loving Me, lean hard."

He knows your every care and no burden is too heavy for Him...have you leaned on Him...there is strength in His arms...as He raises you on His shoulders....

Cast your burden on the Lord [releasing the weight of it] and He will sustain you; He will never allow the [consistently] righteous to be moved (made to slip, fall, or fail).

Psalm 55:22 AMP

8 thoughts:

Talkin' Texan said...

Thanks for stopping by and your encouraging words. This post is even more balm for my heart and spirit. Thanks so much.

weezie said...

This post was "perfect timing" for me. Thank you for sharing your heart! I love you! You are precious!

Cathy said...

That is beautiful, Karen, thank you.

Andy's Bethy said...

Isn't that book fabulous?! Thanks for sharing.
I love you Ms Karen. Thank you once again for raising such a wonderful boy to be best friends with my man. (and such a wonderful husband to one of my best friend)
You are a double blessing to me.

Denise said...

Oh yeah! Casting your cares...... I am finding that I am needing to do that more and more during my day. I am finding that when I stand firm with my strength the more I crumble under the pressure.. I need HIM and I need HIM more and more. I am so glad HE is there.. I am a bit tired...

Jerralea said...

A good word, Ms. Karen! Thanks for sharing.

Carrie said...

Great words! Thank you for having a blog!

christy rose said...

I am going to LEAN HARD on Him today! Thanks Karen!

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