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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Proverbial Sunrise – Forgiveness in Jesus’ Name

Amanda has chosen the theme of forgiveness for September’s Proverbial Sunrise. Please listen to this song about sweet forgiveness and then visit Sweet Blessings at her website here...

If you're lost, no where to go,
If you're sure somewhere you've lost your soul;
If you're hurt or you've caused pain,
There's a way to become whole again.

In Jesus’ name you'll find sweet forgiveness;
In Jesus’ name there's peace and love and rest;
And in His hands that healed the sick and wounded,
You can finally leave behind your grief and shame
in Jesus’ name.

If you ship has not come in,
There's a way that you can sail again.
If you doubt you can be saved,
Talk to One who gave His life away.

If your time is almost up,
He is asking you to take his cup;
If your heart is breaking down,
Come to Jesus, do it now!

2 thoughts:

Sweet Blessings said...

There's a way to be whole again...in Jesus name-POWERFUL! This song was amazing! Thank you so much for sharing it, Karen. Blessings to you-Amanda

christy rose said...

Oh that song was beautiful! It is so true that the only way to be whole is to receive forgiveness and and the power to offer it to others.

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