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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Young Ram – Part Two

Part one may be found here


As the young ram wandered deeper into the thicket of trees, he heard less and less of the soft noises of his family. Once he thought he heard the Shepherd calling his name, but in his desire to seek out the forbidden, he quickly dismissed the thought and hurried along.

He heard a strange sound up ahead, and while straining to see the source of the sound, the young ram failed to notice the forest pathway was becoming rocky.

These rocks are hard to walk on and the sun is going down...but I know that green pasture is just a little further down this path...I’ve got to keep going...I’m nearly there.”

He stumbled as some rocks loosened, but quickly regained his balance as the sound grew louder. Reminding himself of his bravery and the admiration he would receive from the other sheep when he returned, the young ram pressed onward.

Why, I may enjoy this new pasture so much, I might never go back to the old one again. Who needs any of the others anyway? They never want to have any fun or try anything new. Boring...boring...boring.…”

And the Shepherd...He’s a good guy, but I don’t need Him watching over me all the time, and trying to tell me where to go and what to do...sometimes when He looks at me, it seems like He sees right into my heart and can read my mind...makes me nervous.”

Gloating in his new found independence, the young ram did not notice that the sound he had heard earlier, was now coming from something directly in front of him. As he rounded a large mound of fallen trees and debris, he came upon the the source of the sound...or sources....

wolves in the forest

To be continued....

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Kim@stuffcould.... said...

Great thought and lesson, you will receive info on ordering your cards later in the week.

Cathy said...

Really makes us think about ourselves.

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