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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday – Not Forgotten

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My deck is HOT!!


No bare toes allowed on these blistering planks...

Scorching heat indexes make the indoors a welcome retreat...

Forty one days until Fall and counting...

Remember the potted plant on my deck that withstood the storm?

Although heat tolerant and hardy, this particular pot of lantana requires more water than the others. When the mercury hits 90 or above, these little blossoms must be watered twice a day...

And so I had errands yesterday and FORGOT to water my plant until later in the evening...by then the poor thing was wilting and drooping all over the place.

A quick drenching of water and the leaves immediately perked up...


I am so thankful that when the soil of my heart becomes parched, my joy dwindles, and my hope weakens...His Living Water saturates me until I am submerged in the pool of El Elyon’s love...and I am refreshed and revived...in an instant...

This flow is never ending...

And I am never forgotten...

Jesus replied,

“If you only knew the gift

God has for you

and who you are speaking to,

you would ask me,

and I would give you

living water.”

John 4:10 NLT

22 thoughts:

Teresa said...

Amen! This is a great post; I love it when we can see the examples of what God wants to do with us in our realm of life. Beautiful post...we must be saturated by Living Waters!

Joyful said...

A beautiful thought for the day. xx

Anonymous said...

Amen. A beautiful post Karen. Enjoy your day.

Just Be Real said...

Amen for His living water indeed Karen. So sorry for the heat you are experiencing and your plant and wild life as well. Praying for some relief. Blessings.

luvmy4sons said...

Aaah. Yes. Living water bubbling up from within!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,
I have been feeling a sick this week.I feel like your plant. I need some of the living water, too. Thank God He can fill us and we will perk right back up.


Andrea said...

Blessings and prayers,

Together We Save said...

Thanks for such a wonderful thought!

Whidbey Woman said...

I agree with the other posts here.
His living water is what we all need in those dry,parched times of our lives. Great post! Happy TT.

Peggy said...

Thank you Karen and thank You, LORD!

I'm so glad that though you forgot to get to your beautiful plant until after it endured the heat too much & wilted that it perked up.

I think you know that I have been like your blossoms, dry, parched, joy dwindled, hope weakened (like your key thankfulness) yet this brings refreshment to my soul. I turn on my faucet here often and it
never looks like your photo, it looks murky or dark and sometimes nonexistant... not a drop.

So there's no water to saturate my dryness except for like you; HIS WORD and El Elyon's love; a beautiful flow from His Holy Spirit will refresh and revive me; moments set aside to listen to Him speak!

I have been SOAKING and asking, (no more...seeking for) HIS LIVING WATER in His rest, love & tender moments. Bless you for the sweet reminder from Him and your eloquent words that always lift me up!

Thanks! Love ya' and so thankful for the gift.


Crystal Roberts said...

Oh wow that is hot, enjoyed this post!!!

Cherie Hill said...

Living water . . . ahhhhhhhh. Refreshment beyond words.
There is nothing like it . . .nothing. How grateful I am that I will never thirst again. Not even in 103 degrees in the Texas summer!!! ;)
Love to you sister!

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

Amen. We do need a break from the heat, with water. We do need spiritual water desperately.

Tea with Tiffany said...

Beautiful visuals and words here. Thank you. I need a drink of His water.

hugs :)

Amanda said...

I could do with one of those drenchings you mentioned lol.

I enjoyed reading this Karen.

Sandy said...

I am counting the days til
Autumn with you, Karen! It
has been 90-92 here in NC
most days. This is hot for
us as we usually have an
average of 82.
Lord, shower us with Your
Living Water to revive us
body, soul and spirit!

Joan Hall said...

We were thinking alike today in looking forard to autumn.

Lovely post - there is nothing like the Life Giving Water.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I've been reflecting on this particular verse this week from John 4. It's been a week when I've lived on God's Word, fully believing in its sustenance. Without God and his truth, I'd be in a pit for sure. How thankful I am for the living remnants of his living Presence!


Nana Jul said...

Thank you Jesus for pouring out your Living water on me!
That was a refreshing post...thank you Karen!
Happy TT

Tammi said...

As refreshing as a glass of cool, crisp water to this dry and thirsty soul! Thanks!!! :) Psalm 63:1

Marsha said...

I had to water the tomato plants this evening because the leaves looked pitiful. It wasn't long after the water touched the soil that those leaves picked right up.

Thank you, for this wonderful reminder.

Denise said...

Such a blessed post sis.

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