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Sunday, December 5, 2010

The 5th Day of Christmas – Merry Melody


with Carrie @ Thoughts, Ponderings, Musings

What is Christmas time without songs and carols? When I was a very young child, the adults liked to have me sing into the big radio microphone, while Granddaddy recorded it on his reel-to-reel tape recorder.


The First Noel” was one of my favorites and I remember straining quite a bit on the high parts...the adults were amused by my rendition of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” Breathless by the 8th or 9th verse, but determined to finish the entire song, I indulged the grownups and supplied their laugh of the day.

Untitled-1 copy

Continuing the tradition with my own kids, sans the reel-to-reel, my oldest son set new words to this traditional carol that he and his brothers can still sing to this day...

Five golden rings,

Four falling birds,

Three grin-grins,

Two turtle ducks,

And a par-bear in a pear tree!

Last year I taught this song to my two oldest grandkids...they agreed that their daddy’s version was the best!

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Carrie said...

Yes, on those rare occasions when Katie will allow alternative lyrics, they do think they are funny!
They are learning a version of the 12 Days of Christmas in kids church right now that is the "meals of Christmas" and it includes..."Five laaaaaaayered cake...4 green peas, 3 meat-a balls, 2 scoops of rice, and a big giant broccoli tree" ha ha. They think it's hilarious!

Karin said...

That poor song - has had its lyrics rewritten umpteen times! So much fun! The Ukrainians around here sing about five golden rings of kielbasa, 4 holupchi, 3 rubber boots, 2 pitahey (??) and a bowl of sour cream. Interesting story about this song on Snopes.

Just Be Real said...

Karen, thank you for sharing. Blessings.

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

What a talent! Love yalls version!

Michele said...

What great memories!! Thanks for sharing

Sandy said...

That's just adorable! Too sweet!
One of my sisters used to think
the line in "Rudolph the Red Nosed
Reindeer" was "You'll go down and
kiss the leaves" instead of "You'll
go down in history."

Laurie said...

I am enjoying getting caught up with your 12 Days of Christmas posts today, Karen, and this one is a fun memory and new "tradition" being passed down to the grandkids. I love hearing about family adaptations to songs, as it makes a unique family tradition and one to enjoy each year!

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