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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Today I am a proud auntie. Actually every day I am a proud aunt, so to be politically correct...today I am an especially proud aunt.

Yesterday my nephew was gumming a pacifier and today he is preaching a message from the Word of God.

Yesterday he was burping up milk and today he is supplying spiritual food to the hungry.

Yesterday he was in diapers and today he has an anointed cloth.

Eighteen years ago, I began babysitting my sweet little nephew Adam. My youngest son, five years old at the time, called his new cousin...baby-adam-and-eve. Adam joined in life with my three sons until he was in the 2nd grade. We all have good memories of those times.

Adam has grown up to be a fine young man and is active in his church. Tonight he will be sharing his first message from the Lord. His mom (my sister) said he was slightly nervous of course, but that he had been praying and working on this for some time. He has not revealed the message topic yet, but his mom and dad are very excited and proud. We all are proud today!

God bless you Adam! Preach what the Lord has laid on your heart, and lives will be touched...yours included.

We love you BABY – ADAM - AND - EVE!!

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Carrie said...

I never heard the "Adam and Eve" story before, how cute!
I didn't know that he was becoming a preacher either! wow!
Congrats! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

LisaShaw said...


Congratulations to Adam! I know the LORD used him mightily to share a timely message from his heart today. Please share with us.

God is good! Isn't it awesome to see the fruits of the labor of pain and love? Amen!

Anonymous said...

How cute! Thank you for sharing.


~hon~ said...

Baby-Adam-and-Eve...that was funny! I could imagine him saying that. hehehe!

This is awesome! GOD is using Adam mightily and that is just so humbling for a man. You better update us with his sermon. hehehe!


iLoveYou, my dear sister in CHRIST!

Andrea said...

Praise God! What a wonderful testimony! This story is so precious, and I know that God will use your nephew for His glory. Congratulations to him! Many blessings.


Lavonda Pflug said...

Sweet story. I'm always proud of my oldest nephew. I guess it's an Aunt thing...;)

Unknown said...

LIVES will be touched indeed!

It is a wonderful experience to have the blessing of those coming up behind us...taking up the sheild of faith and the sword of the spirit and marching on!

I loved reading this!

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