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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Let’s ALL Go...

It made me glad to hear them say,
   "Let's go to the house of the LORD!"

Today I am grateful

for the freedom and privilege

to worship in the church of my choice.

I am also so thankful that

all of my family call Graceland home.

It has not always been this way,

so it is a true blessing to experience it now.

If you are one of the many

who sit alone on a church pew...

John D. Carter 90th 037 - Copy

Never give up

Never stop praying

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12 thoughts:

Sharon said...

I am incredibly blessed to sit in church with both of my sons each week. However, there is one special someone who does not attend with me (yet!) - I continue to pray for God to work in his heart, and to move him to the feet of Jesus, and next to me in the pew.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Beautiful promise in those prayers! So glad for the corporate worship you now know.


Peggy said...

AMEN Karen... Hallelujah anyhow!

No better day or time to be grateful for this freedom and proclaim that we are so glad as we all say... "Let's us go up to the house of the Lord!" Glory! I, too, am so very thankful for my home church family and my family in Christ online. It's a true honor and blessing indeed to worship together!

I won't give up...

And I won't stop praying...

I went earlier this afternoon to visit the Graceland page but the messages are not current to hear. But you're looking at David's heart, huh? Does it look like mine?

So happy to see your beautiful face shine over at SONday with me twice.
(I did your song from yesterday 1st)...

EnJOY a blessed and full week of God's favor and Presence... Graceland is a wonderful name!

Love, peace and GRACE,

Wanda said...

The promises of God are yea and Amen. Even though we don't see it yet, we should continue to look for the answered prayers.

Anonymous said...

Thankful that we have the "freedom" to worship freely.


Nikki (Sarah) said...

stopped by to say hi. You gratitude is the best.

Sharon Ricklin said...

Stopping by on the 30 Days of Thanksgiving Blog hop~

Isn't it great to meet so many
who love our Lord??

Sharon :)

Lavonda Pflug said...

It truly is a blessing to be able to worship with family at your side. I'm glad you can enjoy that.
But even when they are scattered to the far corners of the earth, it is good to know that from God's perspective, we are still worshiping together. :)
I'm thankful my family worships.

kermar said...

Hi Karen,

This is a terrific post. I too am so-oo very grateful to live in a country where I am free to choose to worship Jesus in the church of my choice. Such a blessing to worship God with my beautiful little family.. all three of us.

I hope you are enjoying your day.


Denise said...

Amen, amen.

From the Heart said...

Thankful for the privilege of where we worship our Heavenly Father.

Joan Hall said...


I too am blessed to have a wonderful church home and family. My husband and I have been there six years now - we visited one Sunday and never looked back. I am thankful for Grace Community Church. It is a privilege to worship where we choose - something we should never take for granted.


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