Tuesday, February 28, 2012


You know those times?

Caught up in a flurry of activity

So much to do that a proverbial bovine birth looms on the horizon...

Sticky stuff

Between wedding bells...

This MOG still doesn’t know what she is wearing...I am NOT kidding!

Tax deadlines...

Was there a time warp between 3 months to get it done and 3 DAYS!

Dust Bunnies...

They are upstairs and bringing relatives! 

And everyday life...

You KNOW what I’m talking about!

I have been juggling priorities and dropping every other one...

So what does a distressed daughter need?

A discarded, worn out recliner...on the side of I-75...

and behind it?

Still waters...

A hug from my heavenly Father

Random sighting?

I don’t think so....

You, LORD, are my shepherd.
   I will never be in need.
You let me rest in fields
   of green grass.
   You lead me to streams
   of peaceful water,
and You refresh my life.
   You are true to Your name,
   and You lead me
   along the right paths.

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Sandy said...

If you remember I had not found a dress either and it was only a matter of weeks before my youngest son's wedding. I finally had to order online because I couldn't find anything I liked anywhere.
I am so grateful for the Lord and the way He never fails to come to us bringing the rest we need and the strength and energy to go on to the next thing.

mother said...

Hold on, Karen. In little Granddaddy's encouraging scripture "this too shall pass." You are in our prayers, may you have strength from the Savior above!

Andy's Bethy said...

Oh, random moments of "That had to be you God, because only You could know me well enough to make me laugh that hard." Those are my favorite moments. Especially when there is so much that doesn't seem "laughable" right then. Those are God's hugs to me.
Only a few more weeks 'til the wedding, then all of that stress will be over. And you will look fabulous in anything, so don't worry about what you are going to wear. Enjoy the celebration and be ready to continue your job - praying God's wisdom over your boy, and the new family member he adds. Blessings!

Denise said...

Amen, well said sis. I love you.

Heidi said...

Oh, I know Karen... exactly what you're talking about! Love Psalm 23... it has a perfect way of calming all things. Blessings!

Joyful said...

Sounds like you've been very busy.

Tax times always seems to come at the wrong time of year, doesn't it?!

God bless and help you with the stress. I don't think it will matter so much what you wear. You will shine.

Wanda said...

Although I don't have those exact activities going on in my life, I do feel somethings are slipping through the cracks. I was reminded today to draw closer to Him.

Jerralea said...

Isn't it wonderful that He knows just the thing we need to lift our spirits?

I'm hoping that He will send you a great time of refreshing soon!

Sharon said...

Oh, Karen! How I related to this post. Just last week I wrote a post called "A Circus Act" - about that *spinning plates* act in the circus. So, your juggling reference really hit a nerve!

Yes, I've been there. And I just love how God gave you a *wink* with the recliner. How precious.

And don't worry about the dress - your beautiful face will far outshine anything you wear.

Hang in there.


Jackie said...

Hey Karen! I back in the blogging saddle again and wanted to stop by for a visit and WOW girl do you have allot going on! Love the Divine recliner! Oh what an awesome God we have....He cares about every little detail of our life! Oh, and I'm sure you'll find just the right dress....He'll lead you right to it!

Love and Sweet Blessings!

Peggy said...

So much love and blessings Karen,

Finally, I made a way to set aside an hour to visit blogs or open emails and GR and I chose visit blogs for today... so I started with the least amount to visit... yours... but remember what Jesus said about "the least shall be first" (oh it's the last shall be first-lol-Matthew 20:16)...

By now both events have passed: deadlines and wedding bells. So I'm late in my well wishes for this (but I liked how Sharon and Jackie put it about you and a dress). You know I covered you with prayer...
I'm sure your precious love and smile shone no matter what you wore.

I love your whispers or delights sent by God in the midst of your "rush" telling you to rest and slow down... He's got it covered. Precious wink, hug and I so loved the STILL WATER reference and Psalm 23!!! God does care.

I had to laugh at the DUST bunnies and bringing more (that's my disrupted life right now also)(sigh)... it looks like it's taking you a while still to surface from the aftermath... did you go on the "honeymoon" cruise or what?

I pray that you are alright and all is well. I dread it when I see no signs. And Blogger (Google)is making some icky changes... my URL changes to my location and I don't like this and so much more. For another time... I tried to find an I-75 Bible verse to let you know how much I'm thinking of you and praying (Ps. 75 was not that good except for the praise part- not too many books with 75 only Ps.)... I pray God has protected you through the 'storms' and has been your shield and the lifter of your head,
or spirit. Much to do... God bless
and hoping you aren't STUCK still
as I'm being WALLED IN and cement is falling all around me. Peace to you my dear Karen,

Love and BIG HUGS,

Sharon Lynne said...

What a cute little "bambi". Yes we need to get to the banks of the still waters and sit down, or lie down.

But sometimes things must be done. Maybe the mind can be calm (by the still waters) while the body is moving. It sounds like you are having a very busy season, and MOG? Congratuations!

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